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Most Special Waterfalls in Yamagata

There are lots of beautiful waterfalls in Yamagata including Kairagi-no-Taki (in the mountains of Iide). Here are most special waterfalls even in the Kingdom of Waterfalls in Japan.

Famous Waterfalls in Yamagata

  • Namegawa-Otaki (Yonezawa-shi)

    Selected as one of the Best 100 Waterfalls in Japan, this is the largest waterfall in Tohoku. You can tell how grandeur it is even from the distant observatory near Namerikawa Hot Springs

    Namegawa-Otaki (Yonezawa-shi)
  • Kairagi-no-Taki (Oguni-machi)

    Selected as one of the World Best 100 Waterfalls, this waterfall is 270 meters in length with seven steps.
    Even from the distant viewing spot in Kajiwara ridge, you can tell it has a strong presence.

    Kairagi-no-Taki (Oguni-machi)
  • Sekiyama-Otaki (Higashine-shi)

    Located in the back of a roadside restaurant near Sekiyama Tunnel on Route 48, this graceful waterfall has an easy access.
    Also, it has gained popularity as power spot.

    Sekiyama-Otaki (Higashine-shi)
  • Shiraito-no-Taki (Tozawa-mura)

    This famous waterfall is selected as one of the Best 100 Waterfalls in Japan and can be viewed from the opposite side at the roadside restaurant on Route 47.
    One of the streams which is reaching to the bottom near the Aka-torii [red shrine gate] makes one of the magnificent views in Mogami-kyo.

    Shiraito-no-Taki (Tozawa-mura)
  • Nanatsu-Daki (Tsuruoka-shi)

    This waterfall is selected as one of the Best 100 Waterfalls in Japan and located on the Rokujurigoe Way. The length of the drop is surprising 90 meters. You can view the entire waterfall from the opposite shore at Nanatsu-daki Park with audible splash.

    Nanatsu-Daki (Tsuruoka-shi)
  • Tamasudare-no-Taki (Sakata-shi)

    Legend has it that about 1,200 years ago Kobo-daishi discovered this waterfall which is the only plunge one in Yamagata Prefecture.
    The waterfall is surrounded by huge Japanese cedars and the air is filled with negative ions. During the cold months, it turns into a frozen waterfall.

    Tamasudare-no-Taki (Sakata-shi)
  • Ichi-no-Taki and Ni-no-Taki (Yuza-machi)

    Promenade is maintained and can enjoy trekking while enjoying mountain stream and fields and mountains grass. Ninotaki is counted among akikaisammei*, trekking out of winter ice is sight, too.

    One no waterfall (Yuza-machi)Ninotaki (Yuza-machi)
For beginners! Visit these “unique waterfalls” where are easy to access!

Waterfalls are full of mysterious charms and nature’s beauty. We feel inspired while staying close to waterfalls
because we perceive the power of nature in person. Among them, followings are relatively easy-to-access unique waterfalls:

Unique Waterfalls

  • Kuguri-Daki (Nanyo-shi)

    This is a very unique waterfall even nationwide that runs through a hole in the rock, like a donut, which was formed by the stream over the long ages.

    Kuguri-Daki (Nanyo-shi)

Famous Water Sources

  • Dohara-no-Taki (Yuza-machi)

    Two streams of underflow water from Chokaizan Mountain spring out of the rock slope. People are keep on coming to draw its famous water from the stream.

    Dohara-no-Taki (Yuza-machi)

Frozen Waterfalls

  • Tamasudare-no-Taki (Sakata-shi)

    This waterfall freezes during the intense cold of winter and turns into a spectacular frozen waterfall. Among several frozen ones in Yamagata, this particular waterfall has an easy access being located within walking distance of the parking.

    Tamasudare-no-Taki (Sakata-shi)

Power Spot

  • Kaiunshusse-no-Taki (Sakata-shi)

    Waterfalls have been also used as training ground for Shugen-do from ancient times and thus many of them are regarded as power spot. The graceful view of Kaiunshusse-no-Taki can be viewed from the roadside.

    Kaiunshusse-no-Taki (Sakata-shi)

Waterfalls View from Hot Springs

Every city, town, and village in Yamagata has hot springs. As waterfalls tend to be located deep in the mountains, several hot springs are around those waterfalls in Yamagata. You can visit not only waterfalls but also secluded/famous hot springs inns nearby where waterfall views are available from the open-air bath.

  • Hinohoe-no-Taki (Yonezawa-shi)

    This famous waterfall running from the headwaters of Mogamigawa also can be viewed from secluded Odaira hot springs.

    “Odaira Onsen: Takimiya”
    12127 Sumomoyama, Yonezawa-shi TEL: 0238-38-3360

    Hinohoe-no-Taki (Yonezawa-shi)
  • Shirogane-no-Taki (Obanazawa-shi)

    This famous waterfall can be viewed from Ginzan Hot Springs which have Taisho Era’s atmosphere.

    “Ginzan Onsen: Takimi-kan”
    522 Nakayama, Ginzanshinhata, Obanazawa-shi, Yamagata TEL: 0237-28-3399

    Shirogane-no-Taki (Obanazawa-shi)