Collection of King Taki country Yamagata, videos

[drone aerial photography] yokaihyakumei* ・Japanese apricot skin waterfall(kairaginotaki) (Oguni-machi)

Selected as one of the World Best 100 Waterfalls, this waterfall is 270 meters in length with seven steps.
Please enjoy the total picture of "fantastic waterfall" which you can watch only from the sky with picture of force.

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Waterfall (Oguni-machi, Nishiokitama-gun larger section of a village Kotamagawa) of Japanese apricot skin

[than the coverage staff]
Is good for the name of "fantastic waterfall", thicket row ~ climbing rope climbing ~ swamp ferry and the distance for hard fighting four hours.
We did overwhelming force and superb view of magnificent scale in one of eyes, and previous trouble vanished in instant.
●Coverage Sun /2017. 09.03
※Because there are many black spots in route, high mountain climbing technology and equipment are necessary. In addition, it is limited in season to be able to arrive to waterfall.

[drone aerial photography] pass; waterfall (Nanyo-shi)

Long waterfall that we spend time, and it is unusual to rock flow of Wed in the whole country that pierces, and runs in the rocky cavern such as doughnut.

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Kuguri-Daki (Nanyo-shi)

[than the coverage staff]
Rocky cavern which waterfall passes, and flows out is slightly humorous when we watch near.
Combination of rocky cavern and choku* and cascade among valleys which are full of green is view thing.
When as Thu course is arranged to Takishita, we go out with children?
●Coverage Sun /2017. 08.29

[drone aerial photography] Zao hermit swamp, Kannon waterfall (Kaminoyama-shi)

Hermit swamp Valley which it was in Zao bodaira highland, and was surrounded in atmosphere that was mysterious and profound. Elegance of choku* falling into the sheer deep valley is the best part.

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Kannon waterfall (Zaobo-daira Flat)

[than the coverage staff]
We were overwhelmed by Riki Osako who ran with roaring sound straight while raising up spray!
Said hermit swamp Valley where hermit ever lived in is wrapped in atmosphere that is still mysterious and profound coolly in the summer.
Valley of dark green was beautiful, too, but autumn colored leaves are a pleasure more, too.
●Coverage Sun /2017. 08.22

[drone aerial photography] waterfall (Tozawa-mura) of kiyome

Waterfall of kiyome which is symbol of mountain worship. Slope is gentle, but feels power of magnificent nature when bave rock looks up at kara close at hand violently.

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Waterfall (Tozawa-mura) of kiyome

[than the coverage staff]
We obtained information that there seemed to be several steps of waterfalls in the upper cascade of drop 100m more,
Indeed that cascade to around this hides behind; ...
After counting the number of the steps of waterfall; 14 steps! Two times yokaihyakumei* "waterfall of Japanese apricot skin" seven steps! Is this by any chance new discovery?
Mysterious waterfall which is said to be symbol of mountain worship. Would mountaineering ascetics know 14 cascades?
●Coverage Sun /2017. 09.20

[drone aerial photography] Tamasudare-no-taki Waterfalls (Sakata-shi)

Legend has it that about 1,200 years ago Kobo-daishi discovered this waterfall which is the only plunge one in Yamagata Prefecture. The waterfall is surrounded by huge Japanese cedars and the air is filled with negative ions. During the cold months, it turns into a frozen waterfall. Light up of GW and tray is sight every year, too.

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Tamasudare-no-Taki (Sakata-shi)

[than the coverage staff]
Nature shower that spray with full of anions flies in the basin of a waterfall where roaring sound sounds through!
Spray which was lighted up by sunlight when it approached in drone shined in rainbow color.
Handsome, beautiful choku* proud of prefecture first-rate height to is natural beauty spot wanting you to come by all means.
As it can come in everyday wear casually, it is recommended to family and couple!
●Coverage Sun /2017. 09.26

mei* digest of Yamagata

We introduce selected mei* in "King Taki country Yamagata".

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00:27 Hinohoe-no-Taki (Yonezawa-shi)
00:53 Namegawa-Otaki (Yonezawa-shi)
01:16 Shirabuotaki Waterfall (Yonezawa-shi)
01:33 Japanese apricot skin waterfall (Oguni-machi)
01:52 Firmness waterfall (Yamagata-shi)
02:08 Otaki Waterfalls (Higashine-shi)
02:34 Waterfall (Obanazawa-shi) of silver
03:00 Shiraito-no-Taki (Tozawa-mura)
03:45 One no waterfall (Yuza-machi)
04:19 Ninotaki (Yuza-machi)
05:12 Dohara-no-Taki (Yuza-machi)
05:42 Nanatsu-Daki (Tsuruoka-shi)
06:42 Kaiunshusse-no-Taki (Sakata-shi)
07:18 Tamasudare-no-Taki (Sakata-shi)

Waterfall VR video (all celestial sphere videos)

Please actually enjoy with experience looking at waterfall in front, VR video.
As you can confirm surrounding other than waterfall, it is recommended to rehearsal of waterfall circulation.

Colored leaves river valley (Yamagata-shi) Sekiyama-Otaki (Higashine-shi) Sekine Otaki Waterfalls (Yonezawa-shi) Large chop waterfall (Kaneyamamachi) Dohara-no-Taki (Yuza-machi)