Takihiro place of all

  • Quietness that waterfall perched on

    Quietness that waterfall perched on

    We went with snow shoes from King Nishikura to this waterfall.


    Shooting place: Takiyama Otaki Waterfalls

    Contributor: KEN

  • Tamasudare-no-taki Waterfalls of icicle

    Tamasudare-no-taki Waterfalls of icicle

    We were impressed to look at waterfall of winter for the first time, and icicle was beautiful


    Shooting place: Tamasudare-no-Taki [waterfall]

    Contributor: Hilo older brother

  • Earth-finished godown of rainbow

    Earth-finished godown of rainbow

    Waterfall rotates with friend. If daughters are going to take, they "are fault, rainbows."
    Exquisite rainbow was very beautiful to solemn waterfall.


    Shooting place: Waterfall of earth-finished godown

    Contributor: SSK

  • We drift in moss

    We drift in moss

    Of thing having short walk distance was deceived by splinter until arrived. In addition, we receive horsefly, mosquito, attack of gnat in the summertime. As for the waterfall, drop only has good scenery with people who are not high of the things.


    Shooting place: Sum waterfall

    Contributor: KIZ

  • It sounds through valley

    It sounds through valley

    It is waterfall flowing through hermit swamp of Kaminoyama-shi. In journey, the way, there are stairs near perpendicularly of a certain thing and is thrilling. It is thank in the government which installed stairs in such a place. If there is not, arrival will be impossible.


    Shooting place: Kannon waterfall

    Contributor: KIZ

  • Miracle facing north

    Miracle facing north

    Was waterfall facing north, and Otaki, Namerikawa thought whether was waterfall which was far from rainbow, but of rainbow as had a feeling, after crossing, beautiful rainbow was seen in the right bank.


    Shooting place: Otaki, Namerikawa

    Contributor: KIZ