Yamagata and waterfall

 Yamagata is literally a mountain country, as 72% of its land is covered by woodland including Ou Mountains and Asahi Peaks. 6 mountains in Yamagata, Zao, Gassan, Chokai, Azuma, Iide, and Asahi, are selected for 100 Best Mountains in Japan; native Japanese beech grove extends to 150,000ha.

 Rich mountains and abundant water form a lot of gorges and waterfalls, then the brilliant seasonal change adds beauty to them. It is said that there are approximately 2,500 waterfalls (more than drop 5m) in the whole country, but Yamagata Prefecture is King Taki country of the best number in Japan of waterfall having near waterfall of 230 to 10%.

Waterfall Enthusiast Kenichi Takeda
Waterfall Enthusiast Kenichi Takeda
A single word “waterfall” cannot explain everything because no two waterfalls are exactly alike and each has interesting features.

 I started visiting waterfalls around in 2004 or so. I took scenic photos at first when I bought a DSLR; then, before I knew it, waterfalls have become my main subject of shooting. I have visited about 170 waterfalls in the prefecture so far. The number rises to more than 480 if waterfalls in other prefectures included.

 The first thing on the list of the charms of waterfall should be its beauty; I could watch water falling forever. Then, the non-ordinary location makes waterfalls even more special: Surrounded by rocks and trees, water keeps on falling with the echoes of splash…this is not an everyday situation at all. We could even say that it’s a whole different world where we can refresh body and soul, leaving everyday distress behind by just being.

 I don’t know why but a huge waterfall and its stream make me feel so small that my daily stress seems to be nothing to worry about. A single word “waterfall” cannot explain everything because no two waterfalls are exactly alike and each has interesting features. Even the same waterfall may look different when seen at the different angle. If possible, I recommend you to take a look at a waterfall from various angles. You might be able to spot a rainbow over the waterfall under certain conditions, which must be especially beautiful.

 Please watch your step by all means when you visit waterfalls. Waterfalls are always located at waterfront and thus, the trails might be muddy and/or slippery. It’s a good idea to bring shoes with non-slippery soles or rubber boots, and avoid to wear sandals or high-heeled shoes which might make you trip over and injured. Also, it’s nice to pack towel and extra clothes for peace of mind just in case you get wet.

List of waterfalls of Yamagata Prefecture

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