Consumption tax duty-free shop of Yamagata Prefecture

Trip to Yamagata

Consumption tax duty-free shop in Yamagata Prefecture

Introduction of "consumption tax duty-free shop" in Yamagata Prefecture

To foreign tourists coming by sightseeing to Yamagata Prefecture
We will introduce consumption tax duty-free shop in the prefecture.

[search method of duty-free shop]

(1) Search by current location
   Turn on your device’s GPS function,
   and click “Search for stores from current location (send location data)”

(2) Search by municipality
   Click on a municipality name from the list below on the left-hand side.

Search for duty-free shops

Okitama district Murayama district Mogami district Shonai district

Shonai district

Mogami district

Murayama district

Okitama district

※Only compatible with devices supporting location information

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