From Yamagata! Memoirs of trip

Trip to Yamagata

From Yamagata! Memoirs of trip

"The person who travels to Yamagata,"
Makoto Nonomura and Akinobu Shinoyama of talent.
We devote our life and tell about charm of Yamagata.
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Tele Tama (TV Saitama)
Every Sunday 10:30-10:45
Tele Tama (TV Saitama)
Every Friday 14:00-14:15
Chiba tele
(Chiba Television Broadcasting)
Every Sunday 11:15-11:30
YBC (Yamagata Broadcasting) [Every Saturday] 9:25-9:40

※Pause - possibility of the time to change.

Makoto Nonomura Akinobu Shinoyama
Makoto Nonomura
Akinobu Shinoyama

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