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Mt. pine river Sea temple belonging to the Zen sect しょうかざん かいぜんじ
The 33, Shonai Kannon hallowed ground 16th
Sealed letter issued by a shogun place   :Sea temple belonging to the Zen sect
Denomination      : Soto sect
Mikage      : The defense principal idol 11 1,000 moves Goddess of Mercy born in the Year of the Rat
Benefit     : He/she saves every person in that kind of jishu and 1,000 loving look having 1,000 hands. Relief, health and longevity, good luck, remission, disease recovery, the praying accomplishment out of trouble.
  • Name Pine river mountains and seas temple belonging to the Zen sect
  • Location Fukura, Yuza-machi character alley 54
  • Phone number 0234-77-2101
  • Parking lot 10 lots available
  • Remarks kankai (kankai) chief bonze of a temple of this temple 21st generation holds a service for fisherman and people passed away in the Sea of Japan, and Sixteen Disciples of Buddha image in the shore nearby is thing which we carved with mason of Sakata for prayer of the Zen-like spread and voyage security from 1864 (Genji 1) to the Meiji early years. It is carved 22 bodies in total, and triumvirate and Sixteen Disciples of Buddha of Buddha, Bodhisattva of wisdom and intellect, Fugen are placed in the front.
  • Others Worship time from 8:00 to 17:00
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