Ito non-ball house trace << monument≫

Ito non-ball house trace << monument≫ いとうふぎょくたくあと
Residence trace which Basho Matsuo stayed at during Sakata stay.

As for the Basho, accommodations on the day with Sakata on June 13 do not become clear, but stay at non-ball's house in anteroposterior 9 night during period (except three days to Kisakata) before appearing from Sakata on 25th from 14th, the following day.

Basho, Sora, major poet by three of non-ball begin in non-ball house on June 19 on the next day when we came back from Kisakata and Basho "sees bell for Atsumi mountain and Fukura in evening" and composes on the no first line, and non-ball is doing "sail straw mat (we pull hood) to fold in iso (we let you be) cutting black coral" (see) and henku.

※Ito non-ball‥
As for the name, as for genjun, the doctor name, edge hermitage, non-ball are fame as a haiku poet. We become a disciple of disciple of Basho in occasion of Basho visit. We contribute to Sakata general term for haiku and linked verse.
  • Name Ito non-ball house trace << monument≫
  • Location 1-11-4, Nakamachi, Sakata-shi (the old Sato dental clinic parking hall)
  • Phone number 0234-26-5759
  • Contact information Sakata-shi interchange sightseeing section
  • Others 1960 (1960) Sakata tourism production association erection
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