Plum branch mountain jokeiji ばいしざん じょうけいじ
The Shonai etiquette place Sanju-san Kannon hallowed ground 14th
We were assumed creator of Keikaku Daisho in castle place of security treaty Tarosuke form of the Amarume lord of a castle and were founded to north and south morning service charges. Handwriting scroll of Monhon Baisan with elapsed time of 1416 (Oei 23) is put as treasure of a temple. We perform dogmatism withdrawal of division by Imphal strategy, and there is monument of Lieutenant General Kotoku Sato cherishing memory who praised achievement of Lieutenant General Sato who saved life of one thousand subordinates.
  • Name umeedasanjokeiji
  • Location Amarume, Shonai-machi character Tachi 27
  • Phone number 0234-42-3410
  • Parking lot Around 20
  • Remarks Worship time from 9:00 to 17:00
    Prior application group needs prior application
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[Last updated] January 24, 2019
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