Mt. Honi-zan ryu*ji ほんきょざん りゅうたくじ
The Shonai etiquette place Sanju-san Kannon hallowed ground 15th
Sealed letter issued by a shogun place: ryu*jihondozen
Denomination: Soto sect
Mikage: Goddess of Mercy Bodhisattva
Benefit: We can escape from every disaster saving from pains as of now. There are the hardship removal, this world profit, disease recovery, good luck charm, good luck, very wide benefit including Land of Happiness death.
ryu*ji hits subordinate temple of Soko-ji Temple and is informed when dormitory (tsuianshunsai) great master did founding in authority of Soko-ji Temple seventh hermitage spring approximately 500 years ago from now.
  • Name honkyosanryu*ji
  • Location 140, Sawajiri, Myogasawa, Sakata-shi
  • Phone number 0234-23-3315 (the House of peak eagle)
  • Access In the case of the use, we search phone number search of car navigation system in 0234-62-3629 (ryu*ji)
  • Remarks Inquiry
    〒The House of 998-0842 5-1-34, Kamegasaki, Sakata-shi peak eagle
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