Fri Mineyama Shouryu-ji

Mt. Kinbozan Shouryu-ji きんぼうざん しょうりゅうじ
The 33, Shonai Kannon hallowed ground 33rd, the 13, Shonai Buddha hallowed ground fourth
Sealed letter issued by a shogun place    : Shouryu-ji
Denomination       : Shingon Buddhism Toyoyama group
Mikage       : The priest's staff ring Goddess of Mercy
Benefit      : We can obtain all the desired things. It is said that there are wisdom, fortune fortune, the happiness and prosperity conferment, easy delivery, macrobiotic benefit. Happy longevity growing impudent, fire prevention prayer, the beauty accomplishment.
13 Buddha      : Samantabhadra-bodhisattva
Judge (reading)  : King Gokan (gokano)
Trial Sun      : 47 days (28th day, 27 days later)
Mikage        : Guardian deity Samantabhadra-bodhisattva born in the Year of the Dragon, the Year of the Serpent
  • Name Fri Mineyama Shouryu-ji
  • Location 6, Mitake, Shoryuji, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Phone number 0235-24-2033 (dragon Kakuji)
  • Remarks Prior application is necessary
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[Last updated] June 25, 2018
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