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*mombomokuzoumatokanonyo**ritsuzo ふもんぼうもくぞうばとうかんぜおんぼさつりゅうぞう
Okitama Sanju-san Kannon tenth bill place: The Kannon of shrine.
As for the structure of face which we held opened mouth and artificial eyes in suddenly which expressed figure for 2 meters in height and aspect of rage in principal idol of *mombo, there is thing which approaches, and comes to heart of going and worshiping person. Of eight elbows (happi coat) which lacquer is put for whole body in method of constructing a statue by assembling pieces of wood as for the image, and is powerful mind; of kimono fold (fold) begin to carve and is realistic and is pointed out that is in the Kamakura era at time of zoritsu (elephant Riyu). In the prefecture, there is not similar instance from the start in the Tohoku district either, and image of Kannon with a human body and a horse head image full of force with large size is a valuable person. We collected faith as Buddha statue related to horse from old days, and Festival of go was held grandly until the 20, Showa generation. Image of Kannon with a human body and a horse head image of *mombo is treasured Buddhist statue, and exhibition of photograph is not usually carried out, too.
  • Name *mombomokuzoumatokanonyo**ritsuzo
  • Location 14-8, Yokomachi, Nagai-shi
  • Phone number 0238-84-0427
  • Contact information *mombo
  • URL
  • Remarks Designated Date:: * 62.8.25
    Number of Designation: 1 ku
  • Others (we hold trees and plants memorial service Festivals jointly with brothers temple "henteriji" adjacent to Apr every year.)
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