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Mt. Nishi Azuma trekking にしあずまやまとれっきんぐ
We can look at many grand mountains and are mountain blessed with alpine plants.
There is more highlight in the outskirts than the mountaintop and Mt. Nishi Azuma is dotted with moor and wetlands, and has field of flowers where geum or Primula nipponica bloom in profusion in season. Tengu rock and Brahma the Creator rock recommend the prospects from the mountaintop. It can overlook Iitoyo, Asahi, Mt. Gassan, five peaks including Zao from Courses. We can climb even beginner casually if we use lift to north wish stand.
  • Name Mt. Nishi Azuma trekking
  • Phone number 0238-55-2236
  • Access ◆It is 50 minutes by Yamako bus from JR Yonezawa Station
    ◆It is one hour 30 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway Iizaka, Fukushima IC
  • Contact information arubu Tengendai
  • URL
  • Remarks [alpine plant]
    Mountain cranberry (about July)
    Primula nipponica (about July)
    Gentiana nipponica (about August)
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[Last updated] April 13, 2017
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