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Sakegawa-mura Eco park さけがわむらえこぱーく
General stay type nature Park that Sakegawa-mura Eco park featured the theme of "symbiosis with nature." Facility consists of "Mori of mushrooms" "child Park of salmon", and, among the forest, it is completely equipped the accommodations and training facility of cottage auto Campsite, free site, and "Mori of mushrooms" performs cafe and special product sale. In addition, a lot of experience-based programs prepare, too. "Child Park of salmon" is Park which there are one-day barbecue and having a swim in a river in Park faced with along the river. Cafe corner is substantial with child building of salmon, too.
  • Name Sakegawa-mura Eco park
  • Location Mori of Sakegawa-mura, Mogami-gun mushrooms
  • Phone number 0233-55-4455
  • FAX number 0233-55-4459
  • Business Hours From 8:30 to 17:30
  • Closed Every Tuesday
    (on Monday last for Golden Week, Jul fourth from Monday to August, without holiday) 
    ※We stop at each facility
  • Access From JR East Shinjo Station is 15 minutes by car
    Is Route 13 than Tohoku Chuo Expressway Higashine IC; to the Shinjyo area. Please aim at reputation from Route 458 toward Sakegawa-mura from Shinjo-shi.
    Is Route 47 from Sakata, the Tsuruoka area; to the Shinjo-shi area. You go to Route 458 from Tozawa-mura, and please aim at reputation.
  • Contact information Sakegawa-mura Eco park
  • URL http://yamagata-ecopark .com
  • Remarks [Main facilities]
    1.It is Local Products Outlet Sakemarukun child Park "child building of salmon of salmon" 11 chestnut tree auto Campsite 8 mushrooms building 7 Wood deck site 10 free site 9 slope garden 6 multi-purpose open space 5 mushrooms marsh 4 woodpecker cottage 3 Mori center 2 of mushrooms

    [experience-based program]
    A lot of grove of miscellaneous trees play
    A lot of winter play programs
    The making of pizza firing, Baumkuchen
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[Last updated] January 18, 2018
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