“Yamagata Biyori.” It is noctiluca watching at / Mise Beach

“Yamagata Biyori.” It is noctiluca watching at / Mise Beach さんぜかいがんでやこうちゅううぉっちんぐ
Let's observe noctiluca of dazzling in the night sea!
Noctiluca has property to shine like firefly with plankton of 1-2 millimeters in diameter and can see very neatly in the night sea.
At Mise Beach suitable for appreciation of noctiluca, let's enjoy the night sea and light of noctiluca.

The mid-July and mid-August
[the meeting time, place]
20:00 (from meeting to dissolution around 50 minutes)
Sanze community center
15 (more than 15 cases are consultation)
[participation method]
It requires reservation until two days ago
What to Bring
Swimsuit, water glasses, towel
(if jellyfish measures of emergency should include wet suit, but there is not socks, black T-shirt)
・As for the sea bathing season, use of Wed shower of beach is possible.
・I judge cancellation as of 1:00 p.m. and, in the case of bad weather, will inform.
  • Name “Yamagata Biyori.” It is noctiluca watching at / Mise Beach
  • Location The Sanze, Tsuruoka-shi shore
  • Phone number 0235-73-2001
  • Admission 800 yen
  • Access Is car by car from 40 minutes, JR Atsumi-Onsen Station from JR Tsuruoka Station; 20 minutes (via Route 7)
    It is seven minutes by car from Sanze IC
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information Noctiluca watching executive committee Sanze Komi sen
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[Last updated] August 04, 2014
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