Mini-museum of the Showa era

Mini-museum of the Showa era しょうわみにしりょうかん
Time machine to the Showa era
Wonderful rim is tied up and releases the whole as museum which directed atmosphere in the 30, Showa generation according to about 1� with it is "Showa matchmaking street" where it was named when there be wonderful encounter. We display life article and electric appliance, magazine and comics at the time, and there is space that reproduced school classroom and living room and can take a walk through mall happily. Handmade signboard that display shop is unique is mark.

Ayumi of mall
As for the town planning business of this mall, "the Benibana national polity" of 1992 is opportunity.
Three organizations (Saiwaicho Chuo-dori, Chuo-dori, Higashichuo Street) were formed by name called Chuo-dori mall, but atmosphere of mall changes by having decorated downtown with flower in this "Benibana national polity", and movement to continue this does 3 organization in one and comes to form "flower and green meeting" which involved area inhabitants till then.
Dirty part of mall was outstanding by flower coloring mall, and cleaning in front of store was thorough, and maker signboard changed into "wooden signboard".
It was connected in developing various business by good old movie advertising posters such as Yujiro Ishihara, Keiichiro Akagi having been found in movie theater which he/she demolished in 1994 in such an occasion as for about one, 000 pieces.
  • Name Mini-museum of the Showa era
  • Location 612, Takahata, Takahata-machi
  • Phone number 0238-52-0354
  • Contact information Takasago shop confectionary
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