Large sincerity temple

Large sincerity temple だいしんじ
◎Denomination/Jodo Shin sect of Buddhism Honganji group
◎Principal idol/Amitabha image

We are informed ryogen which is the founder of temple with grandchild in people of secular name Munetada Nitta and good Kanbara, Niigata county Nitta village for five generations of the third child justice sect of Yoshisada Nitta.
We take the tonsure and establish shosemmuraji in Niigata under the pretense of kiyomesemboryogen, and it is said that we found dojo studio near sleeve Yamaura later and lived here.
To the 1624 (1624) present location.
  • Name Large sincerity temple
  • Location 1-37, Kotobukicho, Sakata-shi
  • Phone number 0234-22-5777
  • Others It is free to do the main hall of a Buddhist temple, the precincts worship
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