Upper Hie-jinja Shrine

Upper Hie-jinja Shrine かみひえじんじゃ
◎Your enshrined deity / size oneself God, daisansakushin, chest shoulder relation Tsu Himekami

kansei does (875) Oomi country Osamu Sakamoto King Zayama shrine (Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine) in 875 and God favors Sakata Port, and mind resting place for a portable shrine in ura of sleeve and is enshrined. We do houtsushi in the back inside of a castle (Kamegasaki Castle).

It is located in the present location from (1636) in 1636. In the main hall of the existing main shrine, (1841), front shrine were rebuilt in 1885 in 1841 by (1885).
Popular name is wide as "Sanno" and is got close to citizen.
  • Name Upper Hie-jinja Shrine
  • Location 1-10-27, Hamada, Sakata-shi
  • Phone number 0234-22-9512
  • Others It is free to do worship
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[Last updated] October 03, 2016
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