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Kuki Shrine くうきじんじゃ
[Saturday, April 29, 2017 season opening]

<the 2017 atmosphere Festival date>
Saturday, June 3 .4 days Sunday .5 days (Sun of Mon / Asahi-machi air)
1990 erection. It is Shinto shrine which assumes "air" which does not see kind in the world either object of worship.

We liken 5m square stainless steel board to mirror and, in beech forest, put, and seasonal scenery looks to this mirror and lets you more strongly feel thanks to air. (shrine is enshrined to depth of 3 meters below ground of end plate calmly)
There are five lines (Thu, Tue, Sat, Fri, Wed) of monuments to prepare space into on approach to a shrine.

We establish June 5 of World Environment Day in "Sun of Asahi-machi air" and the regulations, and "air Festival" is held on the Sun and nearest Saturday and Sunday.
"Exposition of the main hall of the Shinto shrine" in basement is Events mysterious at all while "dance of medium" dedication by local primary schoolchild, performance of "floating island gagaku" are performed, and the fresh green shines.
  • Name Kuki Shrine
  • Location 745-1, Shirakura, Asahi-machi
  • Phone number 0237-67-2134
  • Closed The winter season closure
  • Access From Aterazawa Station car 40 minutes
  • Parking lot 800
  • Contact information Asahi-machi tourist association
  • Remarks ※Outlook on Asahi nature is inner.
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[Last updated] August 24, 2017
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