Yamase-Gura Museum

Yamase-Gura Museum やませぐらびじゅつかん
Pongee wholesale dealer "sansei" which spread out from the Edo era (name of mountain result, shop). "We let you stop, and Kura built as refined culture of commercial city Nagai that prospered in Mogami River water transportation and symbol of the richness in the Meiji era is Kura". Yamase-Gura Museum threw five Kura in mansion of "sansei" open and was opened in 1991. Valuable documents related to pongee wholesale dealer and Tsumugi Nagai other than art collection of painting and calligraphic work or earthenware, lacquerware of Showa in introduction product from Kyoto and Osaka by Mogami River water transportation, thing, the Taisho era mainly on silk pongee thing from the Meiji period are displayed on theme every the open period in total.
There is waterway in site, and there is three places of suikinkutsu (suikinkutsu) letting garden where seasonal flower is beautiful and clear tone sound, and unique soft atmosphere softens person visiting. Particularly autumn colored leaves are the best part.
  • Name Yamase-Gura Museum
  • Location 6-61, Aramachi, Nagai-shi
  • Phone number 0238-88-9988
  • FAX number 0238-88-9995
  • Business Hours 10:00-17:00
    (Friday, Saturday and Sunday of from the middle of May, 2018 to the end)
    ※You are going to be opened in the mid-October and early November, but please refer as schedule is undecided.
  • Closed From Monday to Thursday (but, in the case of group reservation, possible admission)
    Apr, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, beginning of October, from the middle of November to March (plan)
  • Admission Admission charges
    Personal general 500 yen (more than 20 people 400 yen)
    Personal high school student, university student 300 yen (more than 20 people 250 yen)
    Personal primary schoolchild, junior high student 100 yen (more than 20 people 80 yen)
    Half price of person with a disability discount individual rate

    ※[June 21, 2018] It is current information.
     As it may be different from fact,
     For more details, please refer directly.

  • Access Than Yamagata Railroad Flower Nagai Line Nagai Station from in a 10-minute walk or the Nagai south a 7-minute walk
  • Parking lot Available (around ten normal cars)
    ※Trailer buses, please use white azalea Park parking lot (free).
  • Contact information Yamase-Gura Museum
  • URL http://kankou-nagai.jp/log/?l=332521
  • Remarks Please refer below for closed days (from Monday to Thursday).
    Yamagata Nagai sightseeing station 0238-88-1831
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[Last updated] June 21, 2018
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