Natagiri-toge Pass

Natagiri-toge Pass なたぎりとうげ
Kurikoma Seminational Park Kamuro mountain range
It is view which views such as Mt. Gassan have good
・Natagiri-toge Pass
When make solar calendar on (1689) May 17 in 1689; July 3.
After having stayed at Hojin-no-Ie (old border agent's residence) of Mogami-machi, kawagohiryo went to Obanazawa-shi across Natagiri-toge Pass which was said to be "the biggest difficult place" in "Oku-no hosomichi" with Basho Matsuo.
This way reaches 330 years in 2019, and it is in precious historic spot remembering trip of Basho Matsuo.

・Being why, and being mountain pass name called "Natagiri-toge Pass" (we boil mountain pass) or ...
It is said that shape of mountain pass comes from that we are similar to form of headdress called "natagiri" which ever covered in the case of speculation and hunting.

・About Courses of Natagiri-toge Pass
Paved road (old road) is maintained now to the mountaintop of Natagiri-toge Pass.
But "History road" which Basho followed separately from the way
Untouched nature that beeches maintained as walk way grow thick is left in (winding mountain path as it is said to be "27 curvature").
  • Name Natagiri-toge Pass
  • Location Mitsuzawa, Mogami-machi, Mogami-gun
  • Access The nearest station: Akakura-Onsen Station
    Traffic to starting point of a mountain climb: Is car than station; about ten minutes
  • Remarks Expected peak
    The fresh green: The late May and early June
    Colored leaves: The mid-October and early November

    Altitude (m): 470
    It is a 30-minute walk from Natagiri-toge Pass entrance (the Natagiri-toge Pass tunnel side) to top

    There are parking lot, restroom, simple rest station in the neighborhood of mountaintop.
    We can spend slow time while there being arbor in child guardian deity of children close to top, mother cedar, Natagiri-toge Pass Kensho-hi (Honoring monument) neighborhood, and thinking in nature in the times of Basho.
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