Yokokawa dam Shiroimori Oguni lake

Yokokawa dam Shiroimori Oguni lake
Shiroimori Oguni lake full of Wed
You can see seasonal beautiful scenery.
Yokokawa dam is dam built with Uetsu flood.
Dam lake full of Wed is named "Shiroimori Oguni lake", and utilization is expected as new local resources with neighboring sceneries in the sightseeing sides.
oguni neighborhood of the lake side is recommended to trekking Courses.

[neighboring information of lake]
■There are Thu and ginkgo of big ginkgo tree of ginkgo Park ... town designated cultural assets-shaped ginkgo ponds.

■Way sank into the bottom of a lake by Yokokawa dam construction from immovable birth bridge ... 2007, but we cross "immovable birth (fudoizurugi) bridge" in the summer (from June 16 to September 30), and "cherry tree Pass" side can go. At other time, immovable birth bridge can be introduced to the opposite bank using access road (possible car) to set in the bottom of a lake.

■In "kitekuro building" ... facility inside, document about local nature and history is displayed and introduces step before Yokokawa dam being built by Uetsu flood. In addition, from the roof observation deck, we can overlook surface of a lake.

  • Name Yokokawa dam Shiroimori Oguni lake
  • Location 736, Tsunagihakonoguchi, Oguni-machi, Nishiokitama-gun, Yamagata
  • Phone number 0238-65-2363
  • FAX number 0238-65-2364
  • Contact information The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Hokuriku district maintenance station Uetsu river national highway office Yokokawa dam Administration branch
  • URL http://www.hrr.mlit.go.jp/uetsu/contents/dam/yokokawa/index.html
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