Mt. Gassan mountain trail Hijiori route

Mt. Gassan mountain trail Hijiori route がっさんとざんどうひじおりるーと
The most head to sacred mountain Mt. Gassan, most difficulty route
Than Hijiori Onsen starting point of a mountain climb in approximately 4km. We are known as the longest most difficulty route in Mt. Gassan mountain trail of approximately 16km to the mountaintop.
It is Courses offering Nature of Mt. Gassan including great moor, Kiyokawa Bridge of beech forest of Omoriyama, prayer to Buddha ka Hara. There is refuge hut (around 30 people can stay) of prayer to Buddha ka Hara on the way, too. Please use.

We speak in two weeks in the relationship year in the Year of the Rabbit of the Edo era, and 12,000 Buddhist ascetics go up based in Hijiori Onsen, and it is said that line of white Buddhist ascetic was not cut off to the mountaintop.
  • Name Mt. Gassan mountain trail Hijiori route
  • Phone number 0233-75-2111
  • FAX number 0233-75-2231
  • Access Is approximately 15 minutes by car than Hijiori hot-spring resort; arrival at Mt. Gassan mountain trail Hijiori Exit
  • Contact information Okura-mura industrial development section
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  • Remarks We are not able to pass mountain trails from prayer to Buddha ka Hara to the mountaintop now because Kiyokawa Bridge appearing in Tachiyazawa-gawa River collapses. (to rise after thaw and the rain immediately danger)
    About the restoration situation, please confirm beforehand on the telephone.
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[Last updated] March 11, 2013
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