Iide Kairagi-so Inn Sakura Park

Iide Kairagi-so Inn Sakura Park いいでかいらぎそう さくらこうえん
"Remaining snow cherry tree" which flowers on the remaining snow in front of Iide Kairagi-so Inn
Famous spot of secret cherry tree 
Against a backdrop of Ide Mountain Range, we can look at cherry tree blooming on the remaining snow.
Golden Week is in full bloom from the end of April in average year.
Bear Festival is carried out here on May 4.
  • Name Iide Kairagi-so Inn Sakura Park
  • Location Oguni-machi larger section of a village Kotamagawa 564-1
  • Phone number 0238-62-2416
  • Contact information Oguni-machi tourist association
  • URL http://www.ogunikankou.jp/
  • Remarks In front of Japanese apricot skin-so
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[Last updated] January 30, 2017
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