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Place of Mogami-kyo Gorge evening landscape もがみきょうゆうけいのち
Setting sun sinking into valley is the beautiful ground while lighting up Mogami River
We can see "sunset" to be sunk in Mogami River among the sheer mountains.
Of Mogami-kyo Gorge which Mogami River compared with sunset shines shiningly, and is different in gangs turn up.
It is popular as photography spot.
  • Name Place of Mogami-kyo Gorge evening landscape
  • Location Furukuchi, Tozawamura, Mogami-gun
  • Phone number 0233-72-2111
  • Business Hours Whole year
  • Access It is ten minutes on foot from JR Furukuchi Station
  • Parking lot 10 lots available
  • Contact information Tozawa Village Tourisms Association
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[Last updated] September 06, 2013
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