Ninotaki にのたき
One of akikaisammei* which there is much quantity of water, and runs intensely. Pretty wild grass meets the neighborhood of basin of a waterfall in mossed rocky place. Winter icicle tour is sight, too.
Degree of difficulty (intermediate) Form (choku*) of waterfall There is parking lot There is tour The winter season appreciation is possible
We arrive in one no waterfall when below Promenade from parking lot.
There is not way dropping in the basin of a waterfall, but there are stairs gone down halfway.
As Promenade is pounding point from one no waterfall along the mountain stream, we walk while enjoying mountain stream and Thu, the fields and mountains grass.
It is arrival in Ninotaki in approximately 30 minutes.
Ninotaki is waterfall of 25 meters of drops.
Waterfall which is divided into Article 2, and falls changes figure into powerful waterfall by quantity of water that is enormous in season of thaw at beautiful waterfall that we got balance.
We can enjoy many waterfalls and valleys including interval no waterfall, three no waterfalls along the mountain trail spreading out upstream of Ninotaki.

Best King Taki country Yamagata in Japan
  • Name Ninotaki (cook)
  • DATA Drop: About 20m
    Form: choku*
    Degree of difficulty: Intermediate
    The time required: 40 minutes※
    ※The starting point: From "parking lot"
  • Location Yoshide, Yuza-machi
  • Access It is 15 minutes by car from JR Yuza Station
    It is 25 minutes by car from all Yamagata Expressway Sakata and IC
  • Parking lot 30 lots available
  • View Point The sidewalk
  • Sightseeing of neighborhood Central part waterfall
  • The nearest accommodations House of shirai nature
  • Sightseeing time The late April and late October
  • URL
  • Remarks The in full bloom late October and early November of colored leaves

    ※The winter season appreciation (instructor required)
  • Others There is Promenade
  • Contact information Yuzachokai Tourist Association of Nonprofit Organization
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