Asahi Peaks

Asahi Peaks あさひれんぽう
The starting point, terminal "Mt. Ito-dake" of Asahi Peaks mountain traversing road
Lake mysterious Takayama "Otori-ike Pond"
The starting point of Asahi Peaks mountain traversing road, Mt. Ito-dake (1,771.4m above sea level) becoming terminal are mountains of the prospects, camera vade mecum in Otori-ike Pond very much under eyes in great mountain enshrined at the Asahi Peaks north end.
We let kaanasan stand opposite to triangle peak in Mt. Ito-dake to the south and lake "Otori-ike Pond" on mountain among the mountains of Mikata where each rises steeply and virgin forests of beech is popular in huge fish "Takitaro (big fish)" of legend and is famous place of fishing.
Otori-ike Pond is mysterious pond which is handed down when huge fish called "Takitaro (big fish)" has habitation at north and south 1km, maximum depth of the water 68m as for surface of a lake 963m above sea level, surface of a lake longer axis in lake in rare granite place in Japan.
  • Name Asahi Peaks
  • Location Otori, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Phone number 0235-53-3411
  • FAX number 0235-53-2400
  • Business Hours The late June and late October (the winter season closure)
  • Access In the case of the bus use
    "JR Tsuruoka Station ~ starting point of a mountain climb" section: Approximately one hour 20 minutes
    It is approximately 30 minutes by "starting point of a mountain climb ~ bubble waterfall dam" car for hire
    ※Bus becomes service to starting point of a mountain climb (in front of inn Asahi shop), and transfer is necessary for cars for hire from there.
  • Parking lot 20 starting point of a mountain climb parking lots (bubble waterfall dam)
  • Contact information ASAHI irregularity Tourism Association
  • URL
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