Mogami River Boat Tour (Kotatsu Boat)

Mogami River Boat Tour (Kotatsu Boat) もがみがわふなくだり(こたつぶね)
It is totally the world such as black-and-white drawing.
Even in cold winter, you can stay warm thanks to kotatsu [table equipped with electric heater underneath].
Mogami barge descent to enjoy scenery of the four seasons of Mogami-kyo Gorge from the ship top. “Kotatsu boat,” Japanese-style boat equipped with kotatsu, runs during winter. Tourists on the boat tour surround the kotatsu, Smile spreads through visitor to light guide of boatman. Enjoy winter scenery from the boat!
  • Name Mogami River Boat Tour (Kotatsu Boat)
  • Location Tozawa-mura, Mogami-gun
    Tozawa feudal clan ship guard station (boarding place) ~ River Station Mogami-kyo Gorge kusanagi (kosensho)
  • Phone number 0233-72-2001
  • FAX number 0233-72-2003
  • Business Hours [Departure Time of Kotatsu Boat]

    [the start on a voyage time of heating ship]

  • Admission Adult 2,450 yen. Primary schoolchild 1,230 yen.

    ※[March 27, 2019] It is current information.
     As it may be different from fact,
     For more details, please refer directly.

  • Access From JR Furukuchi Station of Rikuu Nishi Line: 5 min on foot
  • Contact information Mogami-kyo Basho Line Tourist Corporation
  • URL
  • Remarks [Drop by nearby Hot Springs]
    "Kusanagi Hot Springs"
    Onsen with a great view of Shiraito-no-Taki, a symbol of the Mogami River, on the opposite shore.
    Local dishes filled with natural blessings are spectacular.
    One-minute walk from Mogami River Port (for disembarkation)
    Contact number Takami-ya Mogami River annex rouge �0234-57-2100
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[Last updated] March 27, 2019
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