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Gassan Snowshoe Trekking がっさんすのーしゅーとれっきんぐ
Let's walk on the snowy world as far as the eye can see!
Wearing snowshoes on, you can even jump!
Mountains, woods, and air are white and clear as much as snow at the foot of Gassan in winter.
A hexagonal shape of fresh snow crystal sparkles like a diamond through the sunlight.
Why don’t you take a walk through mysterious winter woods with snowshoes on, looking for animal’s footprints and feeling breath of beeches which are waiting for spring?

You can choose from a variety of snowshoe trekking courses.
  • Name Gassan Snowshoe Trekking
  • Location Gassan Yumibaridaira, Nishikawa-machi, Nishimurayama-gun, and others
  • Phone number 0237-74-4119
  • Admission 1,500 yen ~
  • Access Depending on the courses
  • Contact information Association of Mt. Gassan Asahi Kanko
  • URL
  • Remarks Open: From December, 2017 to March, 2018
    ※The period may vary depending on the snowfall.

    <Shinsetsu Fuwa Fuwa Walking >
    Held once a week on every Sunday (from December to March)
    Reservation available by 17:00 on the day before; minimum participant count is 2
    ・Yumibaridaira Koen Park Plaza
    Telephone: 0237-75-2040
    ・Association of Mt. Gassan Asahi Kanko tourist information center
    Telephone: 0237-77-1332

    <Snow Shoes Trekking>
    ◆Yumibaridaira・Shizu area
    ◆Mizusawa・Numayama・Mazawa・Kaishu area
    ◆Oisawa area

    ◎Contact for various Snowshoe Programs
    NPO Eco Pro
    Telephone: 0237-75-2780
    FAX: 0237-75-2781

    Gassan Asahi Guide Assosiation
    Telephone: 0237-74-5130

    [Drop by nearby Hot Springs]
    "Gassan Asahi Guide Assosiation"
    Onsen Village Overlooking Gassan.
    “Gassan Sansai Soba,” dipping chilled soba into hot soup full of wild vegetables, tastes delicious.
    Access: Take Choei Bus from Yumibaridaira stop for 3 min. Get off at Shizu stop, and the destination is near.
    ※Please check the bus schedule beforehand because the number of bus running the route is limited.
    Contact Association of Mt. Gassan Asahi Kanko
    Telephone: 0237-74-4119
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[Last updated] November 30, 2017
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