/Asahi-machi made with honey candle

/Asahi-machi made with honey candle みつろうそくづくり
There is catering experience classroom (business trip), too,
It is good to child society event.
Please feel free to contact.

All year ※(Reservation required)
You experience beeswax and apiculture, and please realize nature and connection of person.
It needs reservations and receives on weekdays.

■The making of beeswax candle
[nendo type] the time required: From one hour to two hours digit. To 15 people. 
 1,300 yen (tax-included) lower than rate/1500 yen for adults high school student

[the making of dip type, twins candle] time required around one hour.
We get for more than 5 participation (possible for 5) for complete instruction until the end.
 900 yen lower than rate/1000 yen for adults high school student
※When there is much number of people, we arrange facility and public hall of outlook on Asahi nature and establish venue. Please bear the venue fee for use.

■The making of hand cream
With beeswax and olive oil which have a high quality, and are safe of Mori candle of bee honey, we can easily experience the making of hand cream.
 Rate/10cc 800 yen/60cc 1,500 yen
     120cc of 2,200 yen 
 ※With exclusive container. Carry-on of aroma oil is possible

■Bee observation. Time required one hour.
We receive Shirakura bee ground nearby (Sakura Apiary) from June through September in venue. Turnip looks in net in nest. Infant and by all means scary person establish net tent. But Temp is low and cannot observe at the time of rain.
(put on net hat)
 With rate/all to 5,000 yen capacity/six 
 ※ Please prepare long sleeves, pants, boots, rubber gloves.

(establish net tent)
 With rate/all to 15 10,000 yen capacity
 ※Everyday wear is fine.

■Mori walk of bee honey
Mori candle experience of bee honey
Let's go to look for honey source tree. Please refer for Details.

■Workshop of light
Let's enjoy using light of beeswax candle!
Please refer for Details.

■Slide show
It is beeswax and apiculture and we project photograph and explain things of Mori.
Rate/free of charge 
Time required/15 minutes ~

※Sale of honey candle in studio shop becomes (4/27-12/24) only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. You can purchase from homepage.

  • Name /Asahi-machi made with honey candle
  • Location 825-3, Tateki, Asahi-machi, Nishimurayama-gun
  • Phone number 0237-67-3260
  • FAX number 0237-67-3260
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information Honey candle studio bee dense no Mori candle
  • URL http://www.mitsurou.com/taiken.html
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