Forest experience / Sakata-shi

Forest experience / Sakata-shi
We hold in forest learning pavilion introducing kind and upbringing process of tree growing in the Chokai-no-Mori Forest whole area to clearly.
  • Name Forest experience / Sakata-shi
  • Location shudenshido*jijinchiromuki 20
  • Phone number 0234-62-3323
  • FAX number 0234-62-3323
  • Business Hours From 9:00 to 16:00
    Visit, experience-based time: Approximately two hours
  • Closed On Monday (in the case of holiday the next day)
    From December 1 to April 9
  • Admission Admission and experience charges: Free
  • Parking lot 50 (five trailer buses)
  • Contact information Forest learning pavilion
  • Remarks Can receive; the number of people: Up to 40 people
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[Last updated] November 01, 2013
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