Tengendai Kogen (natural observation, learning)

Tengendai Kogen (natural observation, learning) てんげんだいこうげん(しぜんかんさつ・がくしゅう)
There is glass skiing area of natural turf, and shave corrugated cardboard using gentle slope of the lower part; sliding can experience rolling rumblingly. Because it is turf light, we are reliable.
We scribble at special ground and paint.
One side cooperates in field, all, and let's complete picture.
Insect-collecting. A lot of big grasshopper and dragonflies forming groups.
To open space of emblem of Tengendai Kogen, we write own name in gems and stones, and let's leave for memory.
  • Name Tengendai Kogen (natural observation, learning)
  • Location Yonezawa-shi larger section of a village Sumomoyama 12118-6
  • Phone number 0238-55-2236
  • FAX number 0238-55-2127
  • Business Hours From 8:30 to 16:00
    Visit, experience-based time: Approximately one hour
  • Closed There is ropeway maintenance suspension period May, Nov
    ※In the case of group customer, it is consultation required
  • Admission Ropeway round-trip fare
    Adult: 1,400 yen
    Child: 950 yen
    ※Group discount available
  • Parking lot 800 (ten trailer buses)
  • Contact information Tengendai Co.
  • URL http://www.tengendai.jp/
  • Remarks Can receive; the number of people: 20 to 300 persons
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