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Handmade experience-based dream studio (Lina World) てづくりたいけんゆめこうぼう(りなわーるど)
★Work experience
Adult: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (from the end of April to the beginning of October), summer vacation, business of Golden Week
[Group] We follow on business day and, more than 20 people, accept. Please make a reservation up to ten days before.

○Plastic nendo work…The making of accessories and accessory using clay (1,300 yen ~)
○Glasswork…We acquire favorite design and make original glasses (1,300 yen ~)
○Sanrio character experience corner…Sand picture of character of Sanrio, the making of fried image (800 yen ~)
○Candle work…Form makes original candles of freedom, too (1,300 yen ~)
○puchi ocarina…The completion (1,600 yen ~) of ocarina which draws favorite design, and is pretty

★Experience of meal
Group where is higher than 20 people: We follow on business day and accept. Please make a reservation up to ten days before.

○The making of bread & butter…The making of butter from cowboy Bakery and fresh milk (1,300 yen)
○The making of konjac…The orthodox school (1,300 yen) to make from konjac potato
○Making soba…We experience all steps from Wed mawashi to place to cut (1,500 yen)
○The making of sausage…Muscular noodles hot from a caldron and hot broth sausage (1,500 yen) to make from material
○Pizza firing…Favorite ingredients materials & making of kiln firing pizza of a good cheese (1,500 yen)

※From one hour to two hours are quite indications at experience-based time. Some materials may be changed. It includes materials and is rate of one.
I would like to speak to receptionist within two hours before opening of the park.
Specifically, please refer to mukobokakariin.
  • Name Handmade experience-based dream studio (Lina World)
  • Location 108-1, Minakami, Kanakame, Kaminoyama-shi
  • Phone number 023-672-1614
  • FAX number 023-672-1297
  • Parking lot 170 (ten trailer buses)
  • Contact information Lina World
  • URL
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