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Zao trekking ざおうとれっきんぐ
Refreshing plateau zone where Zao Heights Bodaira spreads through around 1,000m above sea level. This name ran out once because there was Bo of mountaineering ascetic. A lot of precipice and highlight including wonderful waterfall that Promenade is maintained, and strangely shaped rocks mysterious stone affects in hermit swamp.
We can enjoy trekking through spring azalea, alpine plant including summer dicentra, autumn colored leaves, the year including winter Juhyo tree (tree rime). If weather is good, other than Okama of Zao, we can look around Mt. Gassan and Mt. Chokai-san and the far-off Pacific from horseback.

Courses which appreciates Komakusa, Orchis aristata in full glory in Courses, one side while we observe featured "Okama" of sightseeing of Zao.
Understanding to nature deepens by guidance of contracted guide.
  • Name Zao trekking
  • Location Zao Bodaira-kogen, Kaminoyama-shi
  • Phone number 023-679-2311
  • FAX number 023-679-2316
  • Business Hours Inquiry required
  • Admission Inquiry required
  • Parking lot 1,000 (500 trailer buses)
  • Contact information Zao Liza World
  • URL html
  • Remarks Can receive; the number of people: 10 to 300 persons
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[Last updated] May 15, 2013
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