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Zao Liza World
Right around is Mori of Juhyo tree (tree rime).
Welcome to winter Liza World
 ◇Snow Park
 Both ski and snowboarding will be idle with all one's might!
 It is specialized stage of snow boarder and skier.

 ◇Tube slider
 Piste of sled & tube.
 Let alone small child, it is extreme popularity for daddy and mom!
 Family is the most fun all together and can play.
 Under tube for free rental! (riser express lift platform reception desk)

 ◇Japanese Kanjiki Trekking
 Panoramic view spreads out as far as you can see! Enjoy the mystery of Nature!
 (we hold until from the beginning of February to the beginning of April)

 ◇Riser restaurant
 It is reasonable and, in extensive hall which is 300 seats, has various menus such as omelette with rice or pasta including real pizza which we baked in stone kiln.

 ◇Riser Woody lodge
 Relaxing cottage, all rooms mini-kitchen with bath and toilet. There is accommodation pack with advantageous lift ticket.

 ◇Parking lot of 1,300 slope direct connection nothing!
  • Name Zao Liza World
  • Location Zao Bodaira-kogen, Kaminoyama-shi
  • Phone number 023-679-2311
  • FAX number 023-679-2316
  • Access In the Kaminoyama city, the use is convenient free shuttle bus "white echo".
  • Contact information Zao Liza World
  • URL
  • Remarks ・Zao riser ski school 023-679-2442
    ・Tornado ski school (pension Rabby House) 023-679-2600
    ・High the kids ski school academy 023-679-2042
    ・"Snow is true! As for 19 members, free lift ticket weekdays (2014-2015 winter season season)
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[Last updated] November 13, 2014
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