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Nagai Koshu Iris (ayame) ながいこしゅ(あやめ)
Nagai's original kind to introduce the beauty of Japan into
When people of association of Japanese blue flag visited "Iris Park" of Nagai in 1962, thing discovered as rare kind is this "Nagai Koshu Iris". Approximately 30 kinds are brought up as Nagai's original kind belonging to Higo system of Edo origin, Ise system none carefully now in garden. 13 famous kinds are appointed to Nagai-shi designation natural monument (name, iris Nagai Koshu Iris) as celebrated beauty in particular in Nagai Koshu Iris.
Iris was called blue flag (flower plays) with garden variety which improved Iris ensata for admiration, and, "oh, called with ayame" when it was in the Edo era, and it was reduced to its lowest terms more, and it seemed to be "ayame".
  • Name Nagai Koshu Iris (ayame)
  • Location 5-1, Yokomachi, Nagai-shi, Yamagata (Iris Park)
  • Phone number 0238-88-1831
  • FAX number 0238-88-1812
  • Business Hours During ayame festival period
  • Closed We cannot see other than the flowering time
    For the snow, the garden is the winter season closure
  • Admission Following admission charges are necessary during ayame festival period.
    500 yen for adults (400 yen)
    200 yen for children (100 yen)
    ※() It is group rate where is higher than ha 20 people.
    Common admission ticket with "forest of education" has the others. Please inquire for the latest schedule.
  • Access ・It is approximately 60 minutes by car from Yamagata zao IC
    ・It is approximately 90 minutes by car from Iizaka, Fukushima IC
    ・It is a 2-minute walk from Flower Nagai Line Ayamekoen Station
  • Parking lot Is free of charge, temporariness; approximately 500
  • Contact information Yamagata Nagai Tourism Office
  • Remarks 13 kinds of Nagai Koshu Iris
    Peak, Japanese cuckoo (kakkoudori) of Asahi, small cherry tree princess, days (jitsugetsu), red nail polish (tsumabeni), Dewa daughter, Komachi Nagai, Nagai Komurasaki, heron (nogawanosagi) of Nogawa, flow (see flow of edge), Ainoshima (ranjima) of three deep waters, mustache (mustache of Riyu), beauty (Rei pitches a camp) of dragon
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