Mogami River water transportation, Mogami River sailor's song

Mogami River water transportation, Mogami River sailor's song もがみがわしゅううん・もがみがわふなうた
 Mother river "Mogami River" of Yamagata. Aterazawa showed bustle that was serious as way station that bound inland and Shonai together after (1694) in 1694 when water transportation route was opened from Yonezawa to Sakata. Jana is hung in Kawabata of Domeki (domeki), and it is said that red light district linked the eaves. In addition, water transportation brought much culture including *za which descended from Kyoto Aoi Festival. Cityscape of Haramachi talks about prosperity at the time calmly.

 On ship which came and went for the water transportation era, sailor's song that boatmen sang sounded. As for the sailor of Mogami River, fight, the damage that was vast when we woke up accident by any chance with long separation, torrent with lover and family were at very increased risk of appearing. Among such sailors, various sailor's songs were sung with the feeling at the time of steerage for a long time.
 What we collect those various sailor's songs all together and arranged in contemporary style is one of the three major sailor's songs of the world and is folk song Mogami River sailor's song to represent Yamagata Prefecture.
It is to enter in Showa to have seen birth of this song. Story comes fluttering from NHK Sendai broadcasting station saying "we want you to introduce if there is good sailor's song", and Kunitoshi Watanabe who was folk song lover decides making of sailor's song with Mr. Goto Taro Iwa who was native district best entertainer at the time of in Aterazawa. Goto went up and down Mogami River for sailor's song many times visiting each places and continued singing on ship really for one week, and, after pains, Mogami River sailor's song was born at last in 1946.
Melodious voice of Goto captures heart of people and we sing widely now and are inherited more than area and generation. 
 We succeed to this Mogami River sailor's song definitely every year in Oe-machi and hold original form Mogami River sailor's song national convention to spread.
 Mogami River sailor's song birthplace memory monument is built in (Domeki, Tateyama Park, Terume-Hakuryou Kenko Onsen-kan) in the town block.
  • Name Mogami River water transportation, Mogami River sailor's song
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