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"Is flat of Mami"; natural sightseeing chestnut garden
We can enjoy gathering chestnuts at very large site.
Do you not play in autumn daily nature?
There are 1,000 chestnut trees in chestnut garden of 4ha in value district, and many tourists visit when it is autumn and can enjoy gathering chestnuts.

Every day until from the end of September to the end of October
We accept until from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

※About the harvest of chestnuts situation
Please refer for age which wants to know the crop situation in time when chestnut falls by climate having possibilities to be mixed up before visiting.
  • Name "Is flat of Mami"; natural sightseeing chestnut garden
  • Location Kaname, Oguni-machi, Nishiokitama-gun
  • Phone number 0238-62-4918
  • Admission Of 1500 yen per person (more than junior high student)
    We are free to pick up to 10 kg
    ※We sell in case beyond 10 kg, 1kg200 Japanese yen
    ※In the case of small quantity, we sell in 1kg200 Japanese yen
  • Access It is 30 minutes by car from JR Oguni Station
    (from "hall of value side" of Oguni-machi larger section of a village value district approximately 1.5km)
  • Contact information Flat nature sightseeing chestnut garden of Mami (shishimasanrinjimusho)
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[Last updated] February 01, 2017
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