Taso Minka Private Houses (the old Shibuyas house) of Tamugimata

Taso Minka Private Houses (the old Shibuyas house) of Tamugimata たむぎまたのたそうみんか(きゅうしぶやけじゅうたく)
Building that roof of kaya roofing is beautiful
We removed and rebuilt, and, in 1965 (Showa 40), it was saved from foot of a mountain, Tamugimata of Mount Yudono to Chido Museum to have been built in 1822 (Bunsei 5), and to leave mountain village culture disappearing by change of lifestyle.
We covered whether 2th-3th floors were called helmet structure in silkworm ground, and roof was beautiful building, and location of movie "continuous chorus of cicadas" was performed, too. We appointed to important cultural property of country in 1969 and got one star in Michelin green guide Japon.
  • Name Taso Minka Private Houses (the old Shibuyas house) of Tamugimata
  • Location 10-18 Kachushin-machi, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Phone number 0235-22-1199
  • Business Hours (from March to November) is 17:00 from 9:30
    (from December to February) is 16:00 from 9:30
  • Closed From December to February are every Wednesday, from December 29 to January 3
  • Admission (Individual Visitors) General 700 yen, student 380 yen, true 280 yen in the small
    (more than 20 groups) general 600 yen, student 350 yen, true 200 yen in the small
    (more than 100 people) general 450 yen, student 250 yen, true 120 yen in the small
  • Access Getting off before Chido Museum is immediate from Tsuruoka Station for Yunohama Onsen area bus ten minutes
    From Tsuruoka Interchange of Yamagata Expressway: 10 min by car
    From Tsuruoka-Nishi Interchange of Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway: 15 min by car
  • Parking lot Available 20 lots
    Neighboring parking lots including Tsuruoka Park parking lot are available, too.
  • Contact information Chido Museum
  • URL http://www.chido.jp/
  • Remarks Designated Date:: * 44. 12.18
    Number of Designation: One
    [building and form]
    10.9m between length of a crossbeam 15.4m, beam
    One fold of the third floor, hip roof, thatch
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