Person of old Kashiwakura nine Court Security Office

Person of old Kashiwakura nine Court Security Office きゅうかしわぐらくざえもんけ
We served village official under Yamagata Castle in the Edo era,
Building is mansion which is precious academically of 360 tsubos on site of approximately 2,300 tsubos (7623�).
Castles in a residence style such as central room having approximately 1,200m2, gate of a tenement house style beginning attachment shop, storehouse represent private house form (village official) of Yamagata region.
(prefecture designated cultural assets)

In addition, as for Kokin Hina Doll, the Kyoho Hina Doll of the Edo era in old village official's house, place where five three court ladies are court ladies is rare.

There is "*kan" where we provided inner sanctum which made Higashi Hongan-ji reduced drawing, 21-mat outer chamber of a Buddhist temple for in *zo, and Amitabha image said to be work that master craftsman is alone for three generations in the Kamakura era is enshrined.

・Biography 800 years years old, large zelkova of person of nine Court Security Office
・Mishima Shrine (one ken company wave-style architecture of Shinto shrines covering the roof with shingles "town designated cultural assets")
  • Name Person of old Kashiwakura nine Court Security Office
  • Location 8, Oka, Nakayama-machi
  • Phone number 023-662-2235
  • Access From Uzen-Nagasaki Station a 20-minute walk
    From Sagae Interchange of Yamagata Expressway: 20 min by car
  • Parking lot 20 lots
  • Contact information Nakayama-machi center public hall
  • URL
  • Remarks Establishment Date: The Manji year
    (1658 through 1660)
  • Others Because it is during document rearranging, we are not opening to the public now, but perform showcase at the time of the Doll's Festival of Mar and safflower festival of July.
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