Tsuchiyu cedar (Genso-no-Mori (forest))

Tsuchiyu cedar (Genso-no-Mori (forest)) つちゆすぎ(げんそうのもり)
When one step sets foot, light shines from between Thu
The world surrounded in green spreads out
Natural cedar which both sides of Mogami River to Inohana, Tozawa-mura district ~ Tsuchiyu district are dotted with.
Figure of huge tree group standing still in Mori having only small birdsong and sound of wind in a grand manner is right fantastic.
Huge tree warren of Tsuchiyu (tsuchiyu) cedar in left bank mountains of Mogami-kyo Gorge.
With natural cedar distributed over the Mogami-kyo Gorge whole area from old days, it is called Yamanouchi (among mountains) cedar, Kojiro (whether it pitches a camp) cedar, hermit (we do not do appoint) cedar.
Said Furuki stands in a row, and it be revealed that it is over 1,000 years years old in plural trunks from the root, and the trunk circumference is to thing of 15 meters.
  • Name Tsuchiyu cedar (Genso-no-Mori (forest))
  • Location Furukuchi, Tozawa-mura, Mogami-gun Tsuchiyu Genso-no-Mori (forest)
  • Phone number 0233-22-4021
  • Access From Takaya Station a 15-minute walk
    It is approximately 45 minutes by car in the Sakata area in Route 47 from Shinjo Station
    If signboard (from) which there is signboard in on the left of Rikuu West Line Takaya Station (Route 47 for the sake of approximately 1.3 kilos, Shiraito-no-Taki Waterfalls approximately 500 meters) of "Genso-no-Mori (forest)" is seen on the left, we turn left
    It is come in forest road from there in approximately 15 minutes by Genso-no-Mori (forest) parking lot
  • Contact information Yamagata forest Administration station Shinjyo office
  • Remarks The age of a tree, length around the trunk: 800 years years old
    Length around the trunk 11.3m
    Presence of guide: No
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[Last updated] May 30, 2018
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