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Mt. Ito-dake いとうだけ
The starting point, terminal of Asahi Peaks mountain traversing road
There are Takamine of Asahi Peaks Naka, alpine plant having many kinds and expects perspective peaks, Sea of Japan, Shonai plains and looks down at Otori-ike Pond under eyes.
Mt. Ito-dake that the name is known to many Alpinists as as the starting point of Asahi Peaks mountain traversing road or terminal. It may be said that there is that we are famous in a feeling of mass entirely while being mountain which is not high at all. To 963m above sea level (surface of a lake altitude), fantastic huge fish called "Takitaro (big fish)" lives in mysterious lake. We look at Lilium rubellum and young bird Leontopodium japonicum, day lily, flower of gypsy rose and former ridge becomes gradually small and becomes the Mt. Ito-dake mountaintop through some small peaks from otsubo peak. We get the great prospects not to be inferior to highest peak Mt. Oasahidake in, and Otori-ike Pond to project the sky on calmly stands still in step.
  • Name Mt. Ito-dake
  • Location Otori, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Phone number 0235-53-2111
  • FAX number 0235-53-2119
  • Access [traffic to starting point of a mountain climb]
    Bus car for hire (transit) approximately two hours
    Car approximately one hour 30 minutes
    The nearest station: JR Tsuruoka Station
  • Parking lot 20 lots
  • Contact information Asahi, Tsuruoka-shi Government building industry construction section
  • URL html
  • Remarks Altitude: 1,771m
    [starting point of a mountain climb: Arabian bird Exit]
    The mountain climbing time required:
     Starting point of a mountain climb ~ Otori-ike Pond (two hours 50 minutes)
     Otori-ike Pond ~ Mt. Ito-dake (four hours)
    Refuge hut (presence): Available (large henhouse, east hut)
    Refuge hut (the establishment period): From the end of June to the end of October
    ※We offered Mt. Ito-dake refuge hut open on October 1, 2017 and were started.
    ※Mt. Ito-dake refuge Koya performs hut shut meo on October 15 in 2017.
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[Last updated] October 05, 2017
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