Chokai-no-Mori Forest Sansan

Chokai-no-Mori Forest Sansan ちょうかいのもりさんさん
The accommodations which can overlook Mogami River and Shonai plains
In facility which opened in Chokai-no-Mori Forest in April, 2001, we can overlook Shonai plains and the Sea of Japan from Wood deck, guest room, fine view bath.
In the outskirts, Matsuyama Ski Resort (in the summer artificial slope), Toyama Campsite, outdoor facilities such as picnic lands and forest learning pavilion, learning facility including astronomical observation building "cosmos Domu" are substantial, too.
The time performed dampening a sheet of paper by rice field of May is the first shutter chance.
As well as accommodation, it is central facility of Chokai-no-Mori Forest area where there are meal, banquet, day trip bath.

※We are closed temporarily in the winter season from Tuesday, January 1, 2019 to Sunday, March 31.
  • Name Chokai-no-Mori Forest Sansan
  • Location Hijiuchi, Sakata-shi character Ohira 1-59
  • Phone number 0234-62-2633
  • FAX number 0234-62-2792
  • Closed Wednesday (until September)
  • Admission Accommodation 5940 yen per night ~
    Day trip bath 360 yen for adults / 160 yen for children
  • Access From JR Amarume Station: 15 min by car
    From Sakata Interchange of Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway: about 35 min by car
  • Parking lot 30 lots available

    Available for large vehicle
  • Contact information Chokai-no-Mori Forest Sansan
  • URL
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