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Mogami wide cultural exchage center Yumeria もがみこういきこうりゅうせんたーゆめりあ
It is the facility for Mogami wide area interchange, located next to the Shinjo station building.
There are mogami product building, experience-based hall, information guidance center, and it is in base of information dispatch such as nature, culture resources which are rich in Mogami area. The outside is brilliant; is fitted with glass. Naka is structure to feel warmth of Thu in boarded place.
  • Name Mogami wide cultural exchage center Yumeria
  • Location 1-2, Tamonmachi, Shinjo-shi
  • Phone number 0233-28-8888
  • Access The Shinjo Station adjacency
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information Yumeria office
  • URL
  • Remarks [facility, facilities]
    mogami information guidance center
    mogami experience building
    Mogami product building
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[Last updated] January 18, 2018
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