Mt. Mokuzosan

Mt. Mokuzosan もくぞうさん
Mt. Mokuzo is mountain where is the most immediate, and is got close to to see from Shinjyo city area in the climax of 1,027m above sea level.
Seeing from Shinjyo city area side, Mt. Mokuzo shows face calm at a glance, but it is from sheer cliff and razor-edge, and the east side at the mountaintop has steep expression as the company of Kamuro mountain range.
View from the mountaintop may be full of, and Shinjyo basin spreads under eyes around Shinjyo city area and lets you climb panorama scenery posting the mountains such as Kamuro mountain range, Mt. Chokai-san, Mt. Gassan, Hayama in the neighborhood again and again.
  • Name Mt. Mokuzosan
  • Location Shinjo-shi
  • Phone number 0233-22-2111
  • FAX number 0233-22-0989
  • Contact information Shinjo-shi business and industry sightseeing section
  • Remarks Altitude (m): 1,027
    Starting point of a mountain climb: Yamaya mouth
    The mountain climbing time required: Two hours five minutes
    Evacuation hut (presence): Available
    Evacuation hut (the establishment period): All year
    The nearest station: Shinjo Station
    Traffic to starting point of a mountain climb: From station car 15 minutes
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[Last updated] March 06, 2013
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