Michi-no-Eki Roadside Rest Area Sagae Cherry Land

Roadside Station Sagae Cherry land みちのえきさがえ チェリーランド
Of village Sagae of Sankurambo
A lot of highlight such as product and meal, various facilities.
●Sankurambo hall
Facility which is added to Roadside Station, cherry land Sagae.
Gelato which can choose two kinds of taste is popular.
We perform various entertainments by time.
We take acceptance such as fruit picking or the use of riverbed here!

●Turkish hall
The Republic of Turkey race document (the May, 1992 opening)
We designed building of Ottoman Empire Era.
Turkish building was built at rim which linked pledge of sister city with the place of origin Republic of Turkey giresun city of Sankurambo.
Basic design uses thing of all of marble, tile, metal fittings field Turkey including accessories with thing by architect resident in the Republic of Turkey.
In facility, textile and photograph are displayed other than crafts made of Turkish earthenware, glass, copper and are full loading with special product.
In the second-floor Turkish cafe giresunkafe, we can taste Turkish coffee.

●Linchuan bower
It is tea-ceremony room of wooden building which we made use of the tradition beauty of Japan in. In hinoki of Miyazaki, authentic tea-ceremony room using natural materials including Kitayama cedar of Kyoto, we post hall (8 tatami) other than for a moment (4 tatami for the most part). We can use for tea party or workshop. In addition, standing up and making a bow seat is established, too and around 20 people come casually and can enjoy tea.

●International cherry park
About 13 kinds of Thu is planted mainly on fruit tree (plum, apple, grape) produced in Sagae-shi through the four seasons and, commencing with 107 kinds of Sankurambo of 12 countries of the world 130, can see various fruit from spring to autumn.
  • Name Michi-no-Eki Roadside Rest Area Sagae Cherry Land
  • Location Yakuwa, Sagae-shi riverbank 919-8
  • Phone number 0237-86-3111
  • FAX number 0237-86-3025
  • Business Hours 9:00-18:00 (there is time change in winter during period)
  • Closed Open 365 days a year
  • Access From Sagae Station car ten minutes
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information Cherry land Sagae
  • URL http://www.michinoeki-sagae.com/
  • Remarks [incidental facilities]
    ■The first floor
    Restaurant (200 accommodation), the Gifts section, fast food corner, ramen corner, bakery corner, agricultural cooperative direct marketing sales floor, the public lottery section
    ※Order is 30 minutes ago of closure in the restaurant last.

    ■The second floor
    It is hall, small hall, meeting room five rooms in total among large halls (up to 400 accommodation)
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