Sun Village Tokura Lake Auto-campsite

Sun Village Tokura Lake Auto-campsite さんびれっじとくらこおーときゃんぷじょう
Pet dog is OK, too! We play in athletic open space and
We can enjoy outdoor life
There are very large campsite and three log houses which is available in winter.
We are fully equipped with shower and washing machine in sanitary.
As for a lot of playground equipment facilities where there are ground golf course or tennis court, cycling course around Campsite.
After having played a lot, it is good to relax while looking at Tokura-ko Lake in nearby hot spring.
Ground golf or experience-based glass crafts, tennis, cycling are possible, too.
  • Name Sun Village Tokura Lake Auto-campsite
  • Location 1401-6, Nitoubukuro, Obanazawa-shi
  • Phone number 0237-23-2111
  • FAX number 0237-23-2114
  • Access From Yamagata Expressway Yamagata north I.C. 60 minutes
    From the Obanazawa city a 10-minute walk from bus "Tokura-ko Lake" for Ginzan Hot Springs getting off
  • Contact information Sun Village Tokura Lake Auto-campsite
  • URL
  • Remarks There is free site
    Normal site (there is power supply): 23 places
    Normal site: 34 places
    Large-scale site (there is power supply): Ten places
    Log house: Three
    Area: 7.7ha
    From April to November (in the log house whole year)
    Kitchen, restroom, shower, telephone,
    Stand, open space, Promenade
    [neighboring facilities]
    Tokura-ko Lake, basic village center restaurant Tokura-ko Lake
    One-day hot spring Tokura-ko Lake hot spring "hot water of flower shade"
    Sun Village Tokura Lake Auto-campsite
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[Last updated] October 30, 2018
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