Zaobo-daira Flat National camping area

Zaobo-daira Flat National camping area ざおうぼうだいらこくせつやえいじょう
(1) ZAO Tairagura
Zaobo-daira Flat training center is added to raise function as base facility of associate high-altitude training other than farm products direct sale place to sell farm products by local farmhouse production and farm output artefact, craft in facility. 
(2) Cross-country Courses
Permanent construction Courses (one lap of 3km) from East Japan is installed in in Campsite and the outskirts.
In addition, two places of exercise stations are installed, and anyone is available casually.
(3) Zao green ground
It is all weather type ground in high place eminent in Japan, and many athletes are used.
 (4) Zao Heights Bodaira garden
In garden, various plants bloom particularly Rhododendron japonicum is in full glory every year in the beginning of June.
In addition, other than monument, grand monument inscribed with a tanka poem of poet Shigeyoshi Saito which native district laid is installed in garden.
(5) Promenade, mountain trail
Promenade of one round about one hour is set in Campsite neighborhood along the deep swamp which rose from Mt. Kumano-dake called hermit swamp.
There are the Kannon waterfall and hermit Bridge (suspension bridge) of drop 30m when we walk Promenade towards the upper reaches.
In addition, mountain trail to the highest peak Mt. Kumano-dake and Okama (crater lake) of Mt. Katsuta is set, too.
(6) Mori of Shimizu
It is surrounded by wonderful beech forest and cedar forests which are said to be 300 years years old and is informed when it was hallowed ground to have dorter as starting point of a mountain climb of faith of Zao once, and there is pilgrimage around the thirty-three holy places in the Kinki district Sanju-san Kannon image county if believers are said to be when it was done oblation.
  • Name Zaobo-daira Flat National camping area
  • Location Kaminoyama-shi Zao Heights Bodaira
  • Phone number 023-679-2464
  • FAX number 023-672-1112
  • Access Is car than Kaminoyama-Onsen Station; 30 minutes
    Bus free than the Kaminoyama Hot Spring station square, rye z series green echo ride
  • Parking lot 100 for free
  • Contact information Camping area control center
  • Remarks Kamiyama City Commerce Tourist Division
    Manager: Tourism Division, City of Kaminoyama
    Scale: 3, 000 accommodation
    Area: 6.9ha
    Presence of manager: zai
    Tent site: 600 sites (approximately 3,000)
    Three kitchens, restroom two, telephone, open space, Promenade,
    Public telephone, campfire circle
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[Last updated] May 14, 2013
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