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Koryu-ko Lake Campsite こりゅうこきゃんぷじょう
Period /7 Mon from the middle to the end of September
  • Name Koryu-ko Lake Campsite
  • Location The Zaoyamada, Yamagata-shi feather dragon 813-1 outside
  • Phone number 023-641-1212
  • Admission Free
  • Access Is car than Yamagata Station; 30 minutes
    From Yamagata Expressway Yamagata zao I.C. 20 minutes
  • Parking lot Approximately 50
    ※Auto camp is not possible
  • Contact information Tourism and Products Division, City of Yamagata
  • URL
  • Remarks Manager: Tourism and Products Division, City of Yamagata
    Area: 19,482 square meters (approximately 5,900 tsubos)

    [facility summary]
    ・A maximum of 30 tent sites (the flat nude ground)
    ・One Kevin (for 6-8)
    ・12 bungalows (for 3-4)
    ・One Administration ridge
    ・One kitchen (in eight places with kitchen counter)
    ・One cooking rice hut (kamado 10 point)
    ・One restroom (making allowances for type)
  • Others Application before important business.
    [application method] We accept application in Yamagata Tourism Product section (as for the telephone application, possible)
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[Last updated] June 09, 2016
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