Mt. Atago/Atago Shrine/Osugi

Mt. Atago/Atago Shrine/Osugi あたごやま/あたごじんじゃ/おおすぎ
Huge tree to hide tradition of Onono Komachi in
Atago Shrine is enshrined in Mt. Atago of 226.8m above sea level on the mountaintop.
 "Osugi of Mt. Atago" that several are one of the scattering huge trees soars in town in halfway up a mountain of mountain and is done son* as sacred tree which divine spirit of Atago Shrine dwells in.
In addition, we can enjoy hiking casually while mountain trail enjoys cherry blossoms in spring that there is.
 As for the Onono Komachi who lived in cathedral new building with father Yoshimi Ono, the talented woman was recognized, and it was requested the Imperial Court to enter a service. It is one of the legends that left in peace as place, anything which planted cedar to three of Mt. Atago, Suwa Shrine, Sugishita Hachiman Shrine were brought up out of anxiety to leave distantly soundly.
  • Name Mt. Atago/Atago Shrine/Osugi
  • Location Yamanobe-machi high-class inn
  • Phone number 023-667-1106
  • Access From Uzen-Yamabe Station car five minutes
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information Yamanobe-machi industrial section
  • URL
  • Remarks "Osugi of Mt. Atago" height of the tree 38m, root lap 8.4m, trunk lap 6.6m.
    Is chosen in 1986 by "green Yamagata 110 view"
    We appoint in town designated cultural assets 24 in February, 2004
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[Last updated] June 19, 2020
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